Paddle Log — 2018
Athens Mar 28 Both 14 Calm, gray day. Two cargo ships & two tugs. Scads of skittish mergansers. Lunch at Little Nutten Hook. Active eagle nests at Priming Hook & SMG.
Athens Mar 31 Both 12 Calm beginning, clear day, blustery finish. Continuation of previous paddle — wood ducks, black ducks, teals & an osprey. Lunch at HRISP.
Coxsackie April 11 Both 7 Slightly chilly, intermittently breezy, varying sunshine. Eagle pair appear to be nesting at Rattlesnake Island. Two cargo ships.
Vandenburgh-Dunsbach Ferry April 13 Both 9 Very low water, prolific animal presence, including many ducks, a few muskrats, gbh's, kingfishers, eagles, an osprey, a loon and a grebe.
Coxsackie April 22 Both 8 Clear, warmish, calm to start, eventually blustery, water still very cold. Highlight new eagle nest near Nutten Hook.
North Germantown Landing May 1 Both 10 Inbocht Bay twice, coming & going, snapping turtles rising out of the mud, many eagles. Also, lunch near Roe Jan. Pleasant day.
Coxsackie May 7 Both 11 Stockport Flats and lunch at Priming Hook on a very hot day. Three chicks again in the SMG nest.
Coxsackie May 8 M 12 Early launch into serene conditions. Many ospreys & eagles, also a horned grebe. Rattlesnake Island nest & Houghtaling Island nest both active.
Octavio's Landing May 9 Both 9 Captains Cove, Putts Creek coming & going. Very high water & plentiful wildlife in the marshes, including a bat.
Octavio's Landing May 10 Both 4 Early launch zig-zagging to Monitor Bay, then to Putts Creek marsh before getting blown off the water.
South Bay State Boat Launch May 13 Both 13 Calm launch, breezy later, blue skies. Many muskrat push-ups in the flooded marshes & ospreys nesting on channel markers. Lunch at Chubbs Dock, circumnavigation of Maple Bend Island.
Athens May 14 M 13 Quiet exploration of Stockport Flats awaiting HRSG barge, encounter near HA followed by parallel runs down opposite sides of MGF to Hudson-Athens light.
Stuyvesant Landing May 17 Both 13 Quiet day, unusally low water at Coxsackie Creek and nowhere else, an entertaining beaver at Rattlesnake Island, lunch at SMG.
Coxsackie May 18 Both 10 Afternoon paddle replete with eagles. Highlights — a grackle harrying a juvenile on SMG & a parent bringing a fish to the NH nest.
Lock 7 May 21 Both & Carolyn 10 Very low water, clear day, persistent wildlife — wood ducks, eagle, least sandpipers, falcon, lesser yellowlegs & a fox.
Coxsackie May 23 Both 10 N/NW breeze off & on, strongest at take-out. Many eagles, one catching a fish nearby. Lunch at RR village.
Athens May 24 Both 13 Unsuccessful attempt to locate eagle nest below Stockport Creek, parent present, confirmed three chicks at SMG nest. Lunch at Gays Point.
Octavio's Landing May 27 Both 5 Brief exploration from Captains Cove to Putt's Creek on a breezy afternoon.
Octavio's Landing May 28 Both 2 Brief visit to Putt's Creek, north wind so intense as to prevent headway on lake.
Octavio's Landing May 29 Both 17 Delightfully quiet AM paddle to five mile point followed by blustery PM paddle to yellow house point & cedar point.
South Slang F & W Area May 30 Both 9 Splendid marsh on a windy day, highlighted by water snakes, goldeneyes, caspian terns, frogs & the discovery of Lewis Creek ramp. Windy again late.
Ticonderoga State Boat Launch May 31 Both 8 Windy early for a change, tapering off late, to La Chute where a beaver ate a pile of greens & longnose gars displayed their spots.
Athens June 7 Both 14 Quiet day on high water. Confirmed osprey chick in nest at HA, lunch at Nutten Hook. Five tugs & a cargo ship passed by at the top of the tide.
North Germantown Landing June 8 Both 13 Carp activity in Inbocht Bay, five eagles at Inbocht Island, very little happening on Roe Jan. Lunch at Catskill.
Coxsackie June 10 Both 13 Inaugural gbh groak this year at RI, coming & going. Lunch at RR village.
Coxsackie June 12 M 13 Spectacular eagle's one foot snatch of a large goldfish in Brickyard Bay, also two juveniles working over a dead carp on SMG & many other eagle events. Lunch at Priming Hook.
Coxsackie June 16 M 13 Repeat of preceding. Standoff in Brickyard Bay, two kleptoparasites & one shutterbug outlasted by a patient gbh who repeatedly sipped water in lieu of catching a fish. Lunch at Priming Hook.
Coxsackie June 20 M 12 Repeat of preceding. More activity in Brickyard Bay, late SMG parent's theft of a goldfish from a gbh after scaring an osprey into dropping another into the water.
Lock 7 June 21 M 9 Very early launch to desolation — scrape empty. Eventually both parents showed up but no chicks were evident.
Athens June 22 M 12 Mostly quiet Brickyard Bay at high tide, passage possible over spatterdock in new channel. Lunch at Priming Hook.
North Germantown Landing June 26 Both 15 Still some carp activity in Inbocht Bay, possibly three eagle chicks in flight. Again very little happening on Roe Jan. Lunch at Catskill. Unexpected choppiness on return.
Coxsackie June 29 Both 12 At least one SMG chick left the nest, a gbh struggled to swallow a large catfish nearby. Lunch at Gays Point.
Henry Hudson July 1 Both 8 Very early launch to beat intense PM heat, breakfast at 214. At takeout Charlene, a gbh, ate fish served on the dock.
Athens July 4 Both 15 Another very early launch. Top eagle day including an immature snatching a carp first thing & the presence of all three SMG chicks on trees at the shore. Breakfast at Riverside Park.
Athens July 7 Both 15 Repeat of preceding, later launch, cooler day, lower water, beached several times trying to penetrate spatterdock. Two SMG chicks on trees at the shore. Breakfast at HRISP.
Stuyvesant Landing July 8 M 10 Dead calm day, many power boats by noon. Intense gbh activty at Rattlesnake Island. Snack at Bronck Island.
Athens July 11 Both 14 Noon launch to Coxsackie Farmers Market into a breeze that strengthened, creating clapotis waves at the Riverside Park bulkhead, settling down somewhat on return.
123rd Street July 12 Both 7 Quiet day on low water, only significant activity provided by a pair of beavers near a beached lodge.
Coxsackie July 13 Both 9 Morning paddle into very low water and extensive eagle & gbh activity on the mud flats around SMG, beached many times.
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