Paddle Log — 2020
Vandenburgh-Dunsbach Ferry Mar 9 Both 6 Wagers Pond & Krause's on a very warm day. Eagles, hawks, ducks, muskrats, beavers, even painted turtles.
Athens Mar 18 Both 12 Clear early, light cloud cover late, not much wind. Many ducks, mostly mergansers, also woodies, black ducks & buffleheads. Eagle nests at MGF, PH, SMG & NH are all viable.
Coxsackie Mar 26 Both 11 Quiet day, mergs & teals at PH, a solitary bufflehead at SMG & a solitary eagle at NH. Highlight was CG replacing #148 at four mile point.
Athens April 5 Both 13 Warm, cloudy day highlighted by the salvage of an abandoned kayak stuck in the reeds near HA.
North Germantown Landing April 7 Both 11 At least ten young eagles active around Inbocht Bay early. Also a new nest in the shallow cove above Greene Point. Good luck!
Vandenburgh-Dunsbach Ferry April 20 Both 6 Unpromising start, eventual excitement on the Erie Canal with appearances in succession of a hooded merganser, a complaisant kingfisher, two circling eagles & a pair of combative snapping turtles.
Athens April 23 Both 11 Quiet beginning turning blustery after a stop at HRISP. Head-to-wind all the way back, detour through West Flat for a respite.
Coxsackie April 25 Both 12 Warm, calm, pleasant day. Round trip PH, stopping at HA to salvage a hatch cover, observed beached boat both ways on SMG mud flat.
Stuyvesant Landing April 28 Both 15 Wind on & off all day, mostly adverse. Ospreys gathered around Stockport Creek to feast on herrings while an eagle contemplated larceny.
Ticonderoga State Boat Launch May 2 Both 12 Exploration of flooded East Creek marshes (97.5 feet) & swollen La Chute with brisk current. Many map turtles both places.
South Bay State Boat Launch May 6 Both 14 Marsh exploration to The Narrows of Dresden, a multitude of ospreys. Lunch at Chubbs Dock. Dead calm morning, intermittent light following wind on return.
Coxsackie May 16 Both 8 Blustery early head-to-wind, calming down after tide turned, water level very low. Many turtles at Rattlesnake Island, a seal surfaced at Coxsackie Light.
Athens May 17 Both 15 Steady breeze all day. Many shore birds, otherwise little activity.
North Germantown Landing May 20 Both 12 Inbocht Bay both ways & Roe Jan. Clear, mostly calm day. Many shy snapping turtles in IB. Both eagle nests have chicks.
Stuyvesant Landing May 21 Both 16 Clear day on low water with beaching episodes. Bank swallows are back, exuberant activity at SMG.
Ticonderoga State Boat Launch May 22 Both 10 Probed East Creek marshes, 97.1 feet, intense carp breeding activity in places & loud gallinules often heard but not seen. Lunch on a rickety pier.
Stuyvesant Landing May 24 Both 14 Clear day on low water again, this time no beaching. Outstanding encounter with an eagle eating a large fish by RI. Lunch at SMG.
North Germantown Landing June 1 Both 8 Extraordinary day on the river: snapping turtle swimming with a large meal in its mouth, discovery of a raven's nest & an eagle aerial show. Short distance long on excitement.
Coxsackie June 4 Both 12 Stockport Flats paddle replete with photo ops from beginning to end, mostly eagles.
Athens June 9 Both 14 Very early launch into calm weather. Another day of continual photo ops.
North Germantown Landing June 12 Both 11 Early launch into Inbocht Bay on a tranquil day, weeds beginning to take over. Breakfast on island near Roe Jan. Raven's nest is empty. These birds have flown.
Coxsackie June 14 Both 14 Pleasant day with a few gbh's early, wildlife otherwise sparse or fugitive. Lunch at RR village.
Athens June 16 Both 13 Paddle replete with gbh's from beginning to end, also puzzling osprey activity at HA. Lunch at HRISP.
Dutchman's Landing June 17 Both 10 Extensive exploration of Rogers Island, many snapping turtles, calm weather turning hot. Lunch at Cohotate.
Coxsackie June 20 Both 11 Very hot day on very low water, eagles mostly inactive, gbh's numerous & busy. Lunch at Priming Hook.
Athens June 25 Both 15 First eagle chick to fly at SMG, unusual six beaver beleaguerment at Brickyard Bay, another beaver at MGF & clubtail tenerals emerging from exuviae at take out.
Coxsackie July 2 Both & Tony 13 Dead calm water all day with continual eagle activity, non-stop photo ops. Lunch at Priming Hook.
Coxsackie July 4 Both 13 Repeat of previous with similar calm water and many photo ops. Highlights were an attempted fish predation by one gbh from another and vigorous pre-flight wing-flexing & branch-hopping by Nutten Hook chicks.
Stuyvesant Landing July 5 Both 6 Wait at MC for the arrival of the USS Slater on the way to Staten Island, unfortunately pushed by two tugs.
Stuyvesant Landing July 6 Both 12 Light breeze AM followed by stiff breeze PM, some eagle activity, also many gbh's. Lunch at SMG.
Henry Hudson July 9 Both 8 Papscanee & Vlomankill. Many canada lilies. Break at 214, beware of water-hemlock!
Round Lake July 10 Both 4 Anthony Kill & Little Round Lake. Shallow areas carpeted with fragrant water lilies, many friendly rwb's, mostly female.
Athens July 15 Both 13 Hot & calm. One chick is flying at NH, the other to follow soon. All four SMG eagle family members were present on return.
Coxsackie July 18 Both 13 Dense fog early, finally clearing at SMG. All chicks in area are aloft!
Stuyvesant Landing July 21 Both 11 Another day of incessant eagle photo ops. Lunch at SMG.
Athens July 24 Both 12 Exploration of Hudson-Catskill area in search of a white pelican, located near #129 in the AM, located again on #129's rocky base after lunch.
West Lake July 29 Both 10 West Lake, Lily Lake & Stewart's Landing. Quiet day with a paucity of wildlife. Exception – canada darners.
Coxsackie July 31 Both 12 Pleasant summer day. Many eagles. Green herons at last! Brunch at Priming Hook.
Coxsackie August 1 Both 12 Repeat of previous, another pleasant day. Great egrets at last!
Coxsackie August 3 Both 9 Repeat of previous, cut short by a sudden increase in wind strength. Excellent eagle photo op at NH.
Coxsackie August 5 Both 10 Repeat of previous, again impeded by a sudden increase in wind strength, small white caps in the channel. Lunch at Priming Hook.
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