Paddle Log — 2010
Coxsackie March 6 Both 8 Upriver to 166, downriver to Hudson River Islands SP, quartering wind.
Coxsackie March 7 Both 7 RT 169. Beautiful day, strong current.
Coeymans Landing March 9 Both 10 RT Campbell Island, lunch at Schodack Island SP. One kingfisher, two eagles, mad geese.
Henry Hudson March 16 Both 8 Downriver — Vlomankill (pair of wood ducks), Binnen Kill (eagle, large hawk), lunch at Schodack Island SP. Return head to wind, some work.
Stuyvesant Landing March 19 Both 15 RT Stockport Creek, east side both ways, probed Little Nutten Hook, Gay's Point, Stockport Creek & Stockport Middle Ground. Four tugs — lovely day.
Forbes Avenue March 21 Both 9 Upriver to Menands, down west bank to Port of Albany, return east bank (muskrat on a branch).
Stuyvesant Landing March 27 Both 12 RT Schodack Landing, east side Hudson River to Schodack Creek. Eagles, cormorants, gbh.
Erie Canal April 2 Both & Jim 8 Old Erie Canal from Riverview Road, portage. Muskrats, gbh, snake, hawks, many turtles.
Coxsackie April 3 Both 8 Downstream head-to-wind, abrupt turnaround, upstream to Coxsackie Creek, steady wind at times quartering. Nesting eagle on Rattlesnake Island.
Stockport Station April 7 Both 9 Explored Stockport Flats, very hot day. Wild flowers in bloom: coltsfoot, lyre-leaved rock cress, bloodroot, skunk cabbage. Many dirty turtles.
Dutchman's Landing April 13 Both, Jim & Steve 12 Upriver via Hallenbeck Creek to Hudson, lunch at Middle Ground Flats, downriver past Athens. Little wildlife, two tugs.
Coxsackie April 14 Both 6 Looking for carp activity at Gay's Point -- not yet, too soon.
Millburn Creek April 18 Both & Susan 4 Down Millburn Creek, past Beau Rivage & around Randall Bay. Return via Baldwin Bay from Waterfront Park head to wind.
Schodack Island April 20 Both 14 RT Bronck Island. Marsh marigold in bloom again this year.
Coxsackie April 23 Both, Jim, Mike & Steve 8 Upstream to Coxsackie Creek, cross over to Stuyvesant, return along main channel. Windy day, turbulent water.
Coxsackie April 24 Both 9 Upstream to Coxsackie Creek, continued to Bronck Island. Marsh marigolds on Rattlesnake & Bronck Islands, snapping turtle, at least six eagles, an osprey. Delightful day.
Waryas Park April 30 Both 18 RT Norrie Point, lunch on Esopus Island, brief white cap interlude. Live music from the bluff near CIA, high school crew meet in progress at Marist College.
Million Dollar Beach May 5 Both & many pirates 12 RT Long Island. Placid conditions before lunch, steady strong head-winds all the way back.
Stuyvesant Landing May 7 M 9 Late start — new paddle try-out wandering around river between Stuyvesant & Gay's Point.
Athens May 11 Both 11 Explored Stockport Flats & West Flat.
Stuyvesant Landing May 13 M 11 Explored Schodack Creek — intense rodent musk.
Dunham Reservoir May 16 Both 3 Easy paddle — discovered rich area of pink lady's slippers & painted trilliums.
Bolton Landing May 17 Both & many pirates 10 Calm start quickly gave way to NE wind induced chop. Modified float plan several times — quartered on both sides crossing NW Bay.
Stuyvesant Landing May 21 M 15 RT four mile point, explored Stockport Flats. Numerous eagles & scads of yellow flags.
Six Mile Waterworks May 24 Both 3 Quiet paddle — some turtles, a big carp, a patch of blue flag.
Stuyvesant Landing May 25 Both 14 Explored Schodack Creek — many eagles & gbhs.
Coxsackie May 28 Both 8 Easy evening paddle — some carp, superior patch of golden clubs.
Coxsackie May 31 Both 7 Easy morning paddle — many splashing carp, eagles numerous past counting.
Coxsackie June 2 M 18 RT 130 below Hudson-Athens Light.
Stuyvesant Landing June 4 Both 12 Stockport Flats & environs.
Dutchman's Landing June 8 Both 4 Explored ramshorn. Windy day.
Stuyvesant Landing June 15 Both 12 Stockport Flats & environs. Many eagles.
Stuyvesant Landing June 18 Both 14 Stockport Flats & environs. Many tugs, eagles & wild flowers.
Athens June 21 Both 12 Stockport Flats, Stockport Creek & West Flat. Too much spatterdock at West Flat.
Stuyvesant Landing June 25 Both 14 RT Hannacroix Creek — explored both sides. Eagles, fawn, goats.
Coxsackie June 30 M 9 Morning paddle — off at noon before wind rose.
Coxsackie July 2 Both 14 RT — down to HA, up to RI & back.
123rd Street July 4 Both 6 Around Waterford — steamboat meet.
Coxsackie July 6 Both 8 RT 170. Off early — very hot.
Canadice Lake July 7 J & Marli 4 Canoe.
Hemlock Lake July 8 J & Marli 3 Canoe.
Coxsackie July 8 M 10 Early launch beat the heat, water like glass. Breakfast at Middle Ground Flats, off at 11AM.
Coxsackie & Coeymans Landing July 12 Both 14 RT Hudson-Athens Light. Brief put-in at Coeymans to see NYC bridge on barge.
Six Mile Waterworks July 15 J & Alice 3 Quiet paddle.
Hague July 15 M, Jim, Mike & Bill 10 Anthonys Nose & Rogers Rock.
Alplaus July 18 Both 5 Paddling for a Cure — Hope in the Boat.
Stuyvesant Landing July 20 Both & Jim 13 Up east side, crossing below Matthew Point, lunch at the Hannacroix, return west side. Three eagles, three barges.
Corning Preserve July 24 M 12 RT Staats Point.
Church Pond July 25 J 9 Church, Osgood and Jones Ponds.
Lower St. Regis July 25 J 2 Paddle by moonlight.
Saranac Inn Golf Course July 26 J 12 Hoel, Turtle, Slag, Long and Pink Ponds.
Coxsackie July 26 M 9 RT MGF. Return very windy — no detours.
Saranac Inn Golf Course July 27 J ? Floodwood Pond.
Eagle Lake July 27 M & many pirates 7 Around lake — rich natural area.
Stuyvesant Landing July 30 Both 10 RT SMG. Return windy.
Stuyvesant Landing July 31 M 21 Downstream around west side of Coxsackie Island to 138 above Hudson, upstream past 170 near Bronck Island, around east side of SMG both ways, several crossings.
Schuylerville Boat Launch August 3 M & many pirates 10 Hudson River & environs, mouths of Batten Kill & Fish Creek.
Lock 7 August 3 J & ADK 4 Mohawk River — rescue training.
Converse Bay F & W August 6 Both 7 Around Converse Bay to Thompson's Point. Sudden strong wind.
Blanchard Beach August 7 M 9 Around Burlington Bay, into Shelburne Bay past Red Rocks Park.
Dutchman's Landing August 11 Both 15 Lunch at Cheviot, stop at Germantown, excursion up Roeliff Jansen Kill. 9G bridge undergoing slow reconstruction. Eagles, ospreys & tugs.
Stuyvesant Landing August 13 M 15 SMG, MGF & environs. Many eagles.
123rd Street August 14 Both 8 Peebles & Lock C-1.
Plum Point August 17 Both 15 RT 37. Pollepel Island (Bannerman's Castle a wreck), lunch at Foundry Dock Park, downstream easy water. Wind picked up a bit at World's End, rolling surges on the return to Storm King. Cornwall, Moodna & out. Fabulous paddle.
Coxsackie August 18 M 7 Little Nutten Hook & SMG.
Round Lake August 20 Both 4 Across Round Lake to Anthony Kill, return via periphery counterclockwise.
Corning Preserve August 21 Both 17 RT Henry Hudson Park.
Coxsackie August 27 Both 15 Athens & Little Nutten Hook, often by opposite sides, meeting at intersections.
Stuyvesant Landing August 28 Both 14 SMG, Coxsackie Creek & environs. Day of prodigies — boat on silt wall, sea plane, multitudes of kayaks & eagles.
Dunham Reservoir August 30 Both 4 Traversed very low water several times, beaver slapped his tail.
Stuyvesant Landing Sept 3 Both 8 RT Poolsburg. Explored marshes.
Henry Hudson Sept 8 J & ADK ? Vlomankill & Papscanee.
Forbes Avenue Sept 10 Both 10 Waterford Tugboat Roundup parade.
Coeymans Landing Sept 11 Both 12 Bronck Island & Hannacroix Creek.
Coeymans Landing Sept 15 Both 6 Very windy.
Freddie's Park Sept 17 Both 12 Crescent Dam, Crescent Bridge, Twin Bridges & area around entrance to old Erie Canal.
Freddie's Park Sept 18 M 11 RT Vischer Ferry Nature Preserve — dense stands of jerusalem artichokes zealously guarded by tons of voracious mosquitoes, every ray extracts a drop of blood. Some picnic area! — "Not where he eats, but where he is eaten."
Coxsackie Sept 21 M 16 Bronck Island, Schodack Creek & Coxsackie Creek.
Coxsackie Sept 23 M 11 Four mile point, 144, Hudson River Islands SP & Nutten Hook. A cargo ship & two tugs converged on four mile point.
Coxsackie Sept 26 Both 14 MGF & Stockport Creek.
Stuyvesant Landing Sept 29 M 8 Five eagles simultaneously near 170, whistling & screaming — up Mill Creek, down to 166.
Fort Ann Beach Oct 2 M & pirates 12 RT Black Mountain Point via east side of the narrows.
Bolton Landing Oct 2 J & ADK ? All day rescue training with Steve Maynard.
Coxsackie Oct 3 M 8 RT Bronck Island — high water from storm runoff, strong current & north wind.
123rd Street Oct 8 Both & pirates 9 Peebles & Lock C-1. High water & strong currents.
Snyders Lake Oct 9 J, Lisa & Celia 1 Skills practice.
Coxsackie Oct 10 Both 20 RT Cohotate Preserve. Many excursions & crossings. Very high water, little wind.
Schodack Island Oct 12 M 11 RT Mill Creek — windy return.
Dutchman's Landing Oct 13 Both 8 Raw fuel stench early. Roeliff Jansen Kill (9G bridge still closed) & Catskill Creek.
Stuyvesant Landing Oct 18 Both 12 RT Hannacroix Creek.
Stewarts Bridge Reservoir Oct 19 Both & pirates 6 Below Conklingville Dam.
Glasco Landing Oct 20 M 11 Turkey Point, Magdalen Island, lunch at Tivoli, turnaround above Saugerties Light.
Old Forge Oct 23 Both 1 Mountainman's dock – trying out various boats on sale.
Glasco Landing Oct 24 Both 12 New boats! Turkey Point, lunch on Cruger Island & Esopus Creek.
Coxsackie Oct 26 Both 17 RT Hudson-Athens Light. Lunch at MGF, side trip up Stockport Creek.
Freddie's Park Oct 30 Both 12 RT Shaker Creek. Lunch at Vischer Ferry Nature Preserve.
Coxsackie Nov 2 Both & pirates 10 Bronck Island, Mill Creek & Nutten Hook.
Nolan Road Nov 3 M & pirates 7 Big Bay, Spier Falls Dam & several side streams.
Dutchman's Landing Nov 12 Both 10 RT 107. Lunch at North Germantown, two ocean cargo ships.
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