Paddle Log — 2011
Million Dollar Beach Jan 1 J & many pirates 7 Diamond Island for lunch, back via polar plunge.
Henry Hudson Mar 20 Both & Mad Dog 13 Vloman Kill, Binnen Kill, lunch at Schodack Island SP, Moordener Kill & Papscanee Creek on the way back.
Nolan Road Mar 30 M & seadogs 9 Upstream to the dam, downstream to Hudson Point. An eagle, buffleheads, mergansers and canada geese.
Stuyvesant Landing April 7 M 14 RT Priming Hook. Eagles aloft, a stand of cormorants. An ocean cargo boat & tug/barge combo.
Stuyvesant Landing April 8 M 13 Upriver to Bronck Island, down to SMG. Very quiet, gray day, water very smooth, almost nothing happened until an eagle & a crow fed on river carrion side-by-side.
Stuyvesant Landing April 9 M 15 RT four mile point. Beautiful day, water again very smooth, many crossings & backtracks.
Henry Hudson April 12 Both 7 RT 215, against wind & current up, lunch on Papscanee Island, fast trip back.
Spier Falls April 14 M & seadogs 8 RT Corinth, strong current from Corinth Dam. Eagle aloft, beaver swimming.
Dutchman's Landing April 18 Both 10 Upriver via Hallenbeck Creek, water got rough, turned back towards Cohotate Preserve at Hudson-Athens Light. One tug, one cargo boat.
Million Dollar Beach April 22 Both & seadogs 12 RT Long Island. Placid conditions before lunch, intermittent breezes during the return. Black flies, not yet biting.
Coxsackie April 29 Both 8 Upstream to Coxsackie Creek, cross over to Stuyvesant, return along main channel. Very high water & strong downstream current from rains & spring run-off, overwhelmed flood.
Coxsackie May 1 Both 14 Upstream relatively easy despite run-off. Turn around above Matthew Point. Fast paddle back. Sensational eagle pose.
Coxsackie May 3 Both 11 Quiet water, slightly elevated. SMG, Priming Hook, West Flat. Several eagles & an osprey, fishermen displaying trophy bass.
Coxsackie May 6 Both 10 Explored Gays Point, almost beached. Lunch at four mile point. Intermittent wind, varying from SE to SW. Many immature eagles, northern map turtles.
Freddie's Park May 8 M 9 Twin Bridges, Wagers Pond & Clutes Dry Dock. Easy morning Currituck paddle.
Dunham Reservoir May 9 Both 3 Very windy conditions — little sign of spring.
Coxsackie May 12 Both 12 RT Poolsburg. Many nervous geese & a thieving mature eagle, who hijacked an immature eagle's fish and got away. Hot day.
Coeymans Landing May 13 Both 8 RT Castleton. Windy, choppy, strong current.
Forbes Avenue May 14 Both 12 RT Staats Point. Fast tide ride. Gray day, south wind.
Coxsackie May 20 Both 4 Thrilled by fabulous golden club bloom at Little Nutten Hook, turned around by booming thunder at SMG. Water extremely high.
Stuyvesant Landing May 21 M 5 RT Poolsburg. Delightful morning paddle shortened by incipient heavy weather.
Coxsackie May 25 M 22 Long day with steadily improving weather. Up to Poolsburg, down below four mile point. Eagles, gbh's, swallows & turtles. Also a cargo ship & a tug.
Lions Park May 27 Both 8 RT Erie Canal past Clutes Dry Dock. Towed drifting empty canoe to shore.
Vandenburgh-Dunsbach Ferry May 28 Both 6 Erie Canal into Wagers Pond, a weedy mess. Crossed over to explore marshes on south shore. Crossed again east of Colonie Town Park. Windy, carp in action.
Athens May 30 M 12 RT Nutten Hook. Many pleasure boats & a three tug rendezvous.
North Germantown Landing May 31 Both 9 Explored Roeliff Jansen Kill, lunch at Dutchman's Landing, rode tide back into a refreshing south breeze. A very hot day.
Freddie's Park June 3 Both 8 Crescent Dam, Crescent Bridge, lunch at Town Park. Flats filling in fast with weeds.
Coxsackie June 4 M 8 Easy paddle around Stockport Flats. Light breeze on the way back.
Coxsackie June 6 Both & Susan 7 Reconnoitered Stockport Flats.
Stuyvesant Landing June 7 Both & Eddie, Susan 6 RT Nutten Hook. Eagles on display.
Northville Boat Ramp June 8 M & seadogs 8 Explored the Northampton campsite's flooded islands. Hastened back just in time to beat a thunderstorm.
Henry Hudson June 10 Both 6 A hawk, turtles & a corpse. Lunch on Papscanee Island, chat with William Staats on the way back.
Athens June 15 M 12 RT 161. Lunch at Riverside Park. Easy day.
Forts Ferry Road June 16 Both 8 RT Lock 7. Shaker Creek. Extensive water chestnuts.
Corning Preserve June 18 M 12 RT Van Wies Point. Many crossings. Very busy port. A Maltese cargo ship, two tugs, two cruise boats & a riverside wedding.
Coxsackie June 20 M 10 Stockport Creek & Little Nutten Hook. Easy PM paddle.
Coxsackie June 21 Both & John 7 RT mouth of Coxsackie Creek. John's inaugural paddle.
Stuyvesant Landing June 26 Both 11 Explored Schodack Creek — eagles, gbh's, turtles, a few deer flies.
Henry Hudson June 27 Both 8 Vloman Kill, Papscanee Creek & Papscanee Island. Quiet day.
West Lake June 28 M & seadogs 14 West Lake, Green Lake, Canada Lake & Stewart Landing Dam. Rescue practice.
Stuyvesant Landing July 1 M 15 Lazy tide ride to P & M, return via Poolsburg, lunch at the Hannacroix. Two eagles, two barges.
Coxsackie July 2 M 21 Past Athens to Cohotate. Ospreys nesting on beacon 129. Lunch at MGF. Boat traffic picked up, especially paddlers plus one rowing shell.
Coxsackie July 5 Both 10 Hot day, little traffic, coyote on MGF.
Athens July 7 M 13 Cohotate Preserve. Lunch at Dutchman's Landing.
Forbes Avenue July 9 J & Julie NT 6 Port of Albany. Pleasant evening paddle.
Valcour Conference Center July 13 Both 12 Garden Island, Valcour Island & Crab Island. Thunderstorms during return. Highlight of four day LCSKI session.
Dutchman's Landing July 16 Both 16 Upriver past Athens, lunch at MGF, return against the tide. Super osprey day.
Alplaus July 17 Both ? Paddling for a Cure — Hope in the Boat.
North Germantown Landing July 19 M & MDM 14 Saugerties Light, lunch at Malden-on-Hudson, on return crossed over to eastern channel at the maelstrom, running head-to-wind into a moderate breeze. Three tugs, one crane, three eagles.
Coxsackie July 22 Both 13 Very hot day — launched early, turned around at Poolsburg, off by noon.
Forked Lake July 24 M & seadogs 12 Visited bog near Brandreth River, also Raquette River. Beautiful day.
Dutchman's Landing July 26 M & seadogs 8 Short paddle, many events — cargo ship, three tugs, two eagles & many ospreys.
Coxsackie July 27 M 15 Mill Creek, Poolsburg, Matthew Point & Bronck Island. The goats are back.
Converse Bay F & W August 5 Both 10 Converse Bay, Town Farm Bay & McNeil Cove.
Shelburne Bay F & W August 6 M 10 Around Shelburne Point, turned back by increasing wind. Crossed to Redrock Point in the midst of numerous sail boats. Returned head-to-wind.
Coxsackie August 9 Both 7 Many eagles at SMG. Rain soon after taking out.
Round Lake August 11 M 4 Across Round Lake to Anthony Kill, rich habitat, one gbh nest.
North Germantown Landing August 12 Both 14 Excursions up Catskill Creek & Roeliff Jansen Kill. Stopped for ice cream in Catskill.
Forbes Avenue August 13 M 12 RT 214. Quiet port, exception one Greek cargo ship taking on noisy lading. Very few power boats either way.
Six Mile Waterworks August 16 J & Lisa, Pete 2 Qaarsut test run.
Coxsackie August 17 M 9 Very quiet day. Calm water. Numerous kayaks & eagles around Stockport Flats.
Stockport Station August 18 M 1 Quick photo op SMG. Success.
Coeymans Landing August 19 J & seadogs 10 Hannacroix, Matthew Point & Poolsburg. Return against the tide. Casual dining at Yanni's Too.
Coxsackie August 20 M 12 Launched early to beat heat. Eagles everywhere, minimum 14 by Poolsburg, perhaps parents training fledglings. Many shrieks, whistles & squeals.
Six Mile Waterworks August 20 J & Julie NT 3 Nessmuk workout.
Coxsackie August 23 Both 12 Cool day. Many eagles, crabs at Mill Creek. Three tugs.
North Broadalbin August 25 Both & seadogs 10 Sand & Scout Islands. Cloudy, sometimes rainy, mostly quiet GSL.
Round Lake Sept 2 Both 4 First paddle since hurricane Irene. Water level high. Pleasant conditions.
Hague Sept 12 Both & seadogs 10 Anthonys Nose & Rogers Rock.
Henry Hudson Sept 13 J & ADK 6 Nocturnal club paddle. RT Castleton-on-Hudson Bridge. Many mosquitoes.
Stuyvesant Landing Sept 14 Both 11 RT SMG. Quiet river.
Dutchman's Landing Sept 18 Both 8 RT North Germantown Landing. River close to normal, launch sites very messy.
Bolton Landing Sept 25 Both & seadogs 12 Paradise Bay & lunch at Black Mountain Point. Return via Dollar Islands, Montcalm Point, Crown & Green Islands. Black flies at the landing!
Coxsackie Sept 27 Both 10 No breeze, lots of little debris, MGF infested with mosquitoes, four eagles & six tugs pushing barges.
Stuyvesant Landing Sept 30 Both 11 RT SMG. Active water. Gentle to moderate breezes.
Coxsackie Oct 6 Both 14 Cool day. Many eagles, brisk pace, turned above Matthew Point, brisker pace back. Clearwater.
Stuyvesant Landing Oct 7 Both 11 Serene river. Dead calm. Schodack Creek — eagles, gbh's, map turtles.
Stuyvesant Landing Oct 9 M 15 Dead calm again. Down to RI, up to Hannacroix for lunch, repelled by mosquitoes, back down to RR village beach. Many kayaks & four tugs during return, including Justine McAllister, absent too long.
Dutchman's Landing Oct 10 Both 16 Late morning fog giving way to afternoon heat, almost no breeze. Past Hudson, around MGF, many photogenic boats.
Coxsackie Oct 17 Both 14 RT Hudson-Athens Light. Intermittent gentle breezes. Many eagles, mostly aloft. Little traffic.
Dutchman's Landing Oct 18 Both 15 Students at North Germantown Landing performing science projects. Choppiness & small whitecaps downstream to Smiths Landing.
Athens Oct 23 Both & Rich's group 18 Pleasant day — break at Coxsackie, round Rattlesnake Island, break at Stockport Station. Two eagles, four tugs.
Stuyvesant Landing Oct 31 M 9 Gray day. Steady cool breeze. RT HRISP. Zero river traffic.
Round Lake Nov 1 M & Jim 5 Serene calm, water like glass. Two eagles.
Freddie's Park Nov 2 M 9 Twin Bridges & beyond. Easy afternoon Currituck paddle.
Henry Hudson Nov 3 Both 13 Port of Albany. Lunch at Island Creek Park. Four tugs.
Coxsackie Nov 6 Both 12 No breeze upstream, back & forth between Mill Creek & Stuyvesant. Large group from Atlantic Kayak, wind & waves picked up on return. Maybe six eagles, three tugs.
Coxsackie Nov 8 Both 16 RT Hannacroix. Very warm. No breeze, no tug, no eagle, no cargo boat, one power boat, ten kayaks.
Clamsteam Tavern Dec 22 J & seadogs 8 Wagers Pond & Erie Canal into Clutes Dry Dock. Doubled back to Colonie Town Park.
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