Paddle Log — 2014
Coxsackie April 2 M & Robin, Alan 10 Slow paddle around Stockport Flats on quiet water. Many birds of all sizes.
Coxsackie April 3 Both 7 Windy paddle around Stockport Flats, steadily increasing NW/NE. Some work.
Henry Hudson April 6 Both 9 Eagles nesting at Papscanee, raven on RR bridge, a flock of scaups on the way back from Schodack Island SP. A pleasant late paddle.
Coxsackie April 11 Both & Robin, Alan, Mike 7 Easy paddle to Coxsackie Creek on a gray day, shortened by rain. One eagle, two tugs.
Coxsackie April 12 M 12 Warm day, light breeze, lunch at RR Village. Eagles, an osprey, gbh's & four tugs.
Vandenburgh-Dunsbach Ferry April 17 Both 7 Very strong current & high water. Explored Wager's Pond & surrounding normally dry area. Stop at Vischer Ferry, brisk paddle back. Few ducks, many muskrats.
Henry Hudson April 18 Both 7 Gray, breezy day. RT Binnen Kill. High water. Two ravens & two eagles.
Coxsackie April 20 Both 9 Pleasant paddle around Stockport Flats, stop opposite Four Mile Point. Eagles & ospreys. Little sign of spring.
Stuyvesant Landing April 25 M 10 Bronck Island & Schodack Creek, stop at RR Village. Numerous photo ops.
Dutchman's Landing April 28 Both 10 Explored interior of Rogers Island, visited ospreys at 129 via Hallenbeck Creek, lunch at Cohotate Preserve. Lively water all day.
Coxsackie May 2 Both 9 Calm, cloudy day exploring Little Nutten Hook, Empire Brickyard Bay & SMG. Eagles & some flowers.
Stuyvesant Landing May 7 Both 10 Schodack Creek, stop at RR Village, hasty launch to flee bulls. Much wildlife activity, gbh's past counting.
Athens May 8 Both 12 Explored river from top of MGF to Brickyard Bay. Animals busy, spring coming on fast.
Lock 7 May 11 Both 9 Sunny day, windy start, gentle finish. RT Rexford Bridge, no sign of falcons.
Coxsackie May 12 M 16 Very warm day, mostly calm, lunch at Houghtaling Island. Extraordinary animal activity, shore birds in particular.
Vandenburgh-Dunsbach Ferry May 14 Both 7 Very low water, Wager's Pond a few inches deep. Explored various marshes, lunch at Town Park, tons of snapping turtles.
Stuyvesant Landing May 17 M 15 Very high water & strong current. Explored Stockport Flats — snapping turtle laying eggs & flickers nesting near Stockport Creek outlet.
Stuyvesant Landing May 18 Both 14 Attempted repeat but winds & lower water changed the setting. Raptors aloft, snapping turtles in water. Return some work.
Athens May 20 M 14 Eagles all day, everywhere, from West Flat to Brickyard Bay & back. Also flicker photo op near Stockport Creek.
Vandenburgh-Dunsbach Ferry May 21 Both 7 Explored various marshes starting with Krauses to Crescent Bridge and back, lunch at Town Park.
Stuyvesant Landing May 25 Both 14 Explored Schodack Creek, a hot day in the marshes, many active birds. RR Village in use.
Dutchman's Landing May 28 Both 10 Repeat of 4/28 paddle. Explored interior of Rogers Island, visited ospreys at 129 via Hallenbeck Creek, lunch at Cohotate Preserve. Three new tugs. Cool day, gray skies.
Sojourner Truth Ulster Landing May 29 M 14 Explored South & North Bays, latter more interesting, lunch near Cruger, rounded Magdalen Island into a breezy return. Super paddle.
Round Lake May 30 Both 4 Bright sunshine between clumps of cumulus clouds, calm lake. Explored Anthony Kill. Many entertaining birds. Too much milfoil.
Coxsackie May 31 M 7 Windy day. ATVs on HRISP. White Admiral at SMG.
Glimmerglass State Park June 1 Both 18 Beautiful day, to Cooperstown, down east side, up west side, greeted by a loon.
Coxsackie June 2 M 7 Hot day, refreshing south wind. Eagles on SMG have three chicks again!
Charles Rider June 4 Both 20 Crossed to east side, lunch at Mills Mansion, crossed to Scenic Hudson, circled Esopus Meadows Light. Two tugs moored in river. Hot day softened by cloud cover, early breeze giving way to calm.
Coxsackie June 7 M 12 Hot day, quiet river, lunch below Stuyvesant Landing, carp activity in nearby marsh.
Athens June 8 M 15 Another hot day, intense carp activity in Empire Brickyard Bay, also explored Little Nutten Hook. Many other watercraft.
Coxsackie June 10 Both & Jim 8 Calm water, light gray day. Many eagles on SMG & Gay's Point, carp quiet.
Coxsackie June 14 M 8 Same route as previous, entirely different weather, rather blustery. Carp & eagles both active.
Coxsackie June 15 Both 7 Slightly shorter than previous route, slightly better weather. Sensational young eagle activity in brickyard bay, stealing fish from a gbh. Late incident with a gas-powered model boat.
Stuyvesant Landing June 16 Both 14 Back to Brickyard Bay, seeking eagle photo ops. One bird present, no fish theft. Many eagles on river side of Gays Point on return.
Skaneateles Lake June 18 Both 17 State boat launch, west side to lunch at a picnic table, choppy crossing, east side to village, weather turning calm. Beautiful water marred by excessive development.
Athens June 20 M 13 Goose family on ramp, rejuvenated carp activity in Empire Brickyard Bay, several tugs. Strong current aligned with gentle breeze for a quick return.
Stuyvesant Landing June 21 M 12 Revisited Schodack Creek, still replete with eagle & other bird activity. Lunch at Blackbeard's Cove.
Coxsackie June 22 Both 18 The return of RA & the discovery of eagle chicks in a nest on Rattlesnake Island highlighted a marvelous paddle to Schodack Creek.
Henry Hudson June 23 M 7 Large, very young eagle out of nest at Papscanee Creek, RA at Castleton Boat Club.
North Germantown Landing June 27 Both 17 Roe Jan, Rogers Island, lunch at Dutchmans Landing, dredge island at Inbocht Bay. Many eagles & entertaining turtles.
Coxsackie June 28 M 11 Quiet day, turning hot. Little activity in Brickyard Bay, a parent eagle delivered a fish to restless chicks on SMG.
Stuyvesant Landing June 30 M 14 Downstream with ebb, eagle & crow gathering on exposed Stockport Flats, long run back before wind with tide — exhilarating.
Henry Hudson July 5 Both 6 Two young eagles at Papscanee Creek, very windy rt Staats Point.
Athens July 6 M 13 Early launch, all morning photo op around Stockport Flats.
Henry Hudson July 7 M 7 Five eagle photo op from Castleton-on-Hudson to Staats Point, ended by sudden strong wind.
Four Mile Point July 9 Both 5 Breezy day. Again many Stockport Flats photo ops.
Dutchman's Landing July 10 M 15 Visited ospreys at 129, lunch at MGF, breezy morning, afternoon hot & calm.
Lock 7 July 11 Both 14 Explored river to Alplaus & farther west. Major raptors represented — falcons, red-tailed hawks, an eagle & an osprey.
Coxsackie July 12 M 12 Quiet day, early launch. Wild turkeys augmented the usual raptors.
Henry Hudson July 14 M 9 Papscanee Creek to Schodack Island State Park. Many young eagles & gbh's.
Coxsackie July 16 Both 12 Standard paddle through Stockport Flats, lunch on MGF, minimum dozen eagles.
Coxsackie July 17 M 8 Super SMG photo ops!
Athens July 18 M 10 MGF & SMG — kingfisher, lilies, gbh's & eagles.
Mohawk Valley Marine July 19 M ? Dragon Boat Festival photo assignment.
Four Mile Point July 22 Both 6 Hot & hazy. SMG eagles very busy.
Dunham Reservoir July 23 Both 3 Many odes & beaver activity.
Stuyvesant Landing July 25 Both 13 Explored RI & SMG – total ten eagles, confrontational over a fish stolen from a gbh.
Coxsackie July 30 M 15 Long day exploring the flats south to MGF, both sides. Many eagles, surprisingly few GBH's, very little river traffic.
Henry Hudson August 3 Both 10 Explored river between Van Wies Point & Castleton. Still water, only one eagle.
Coxsackie August 6 Both 13 Coxsackie & Rattlesnake Islands, lunch at RR Village, occasional gusty winds. Eagles numerous past counting.
Stuyvesant Landing August 8 Both 12 Schodack Creek, into a breeze that abated after turning around. Again innumerable eagles.
Coxsackie August 10 Both 15 Long summer's day — many birds, few photo ops. Lots of traffic. Lunch at MGF.
Henry Hudson August 12 Both & Jim 6 On eagle patrol, absent at first, soon found many at Schermerhorn & Shad Islands. Gray, drizzly day.
Coxsackie August 14 M 12 Intermittent breezes & sunshine at Stockport Flats — eagles delight. Many aloft, mixing it up.
Henry Hudson August 17 Both 7 Pleasant paddle around Papscanee & Staats Point areas.
Athens August 20 Both 13 SMG & Empire Brickyard Bay. Green & gb herons, six egrets, usual plethora of eagles. Wind picked up late.
Hague August 23 Both ? Provided support for LG Open Water Swim.
Stuyvesant Landing August 24 Both 13 Watched eagles vying in the wind for a small fish, explored Hannacroix Creek, return west side with soft following wind.
Coxsackie August 26 Both & Jim 12 Splendid late summer day in the company of eagles. Lunch at MGF.
Coxsackie August 29 Both 17 Long, lovely day. Lunch at Hudson, met David from Hillsdale.
Athens Sept 4 Both 11 Quiet morning into Brickyard Bay. Some wind, surprising chop on return.
Kingsland Bay State Park Sept 7 Both 12 Lake Champlain — Hawkins Bay, Little Otter Creek & Diamond Island.
Whites Beach Sept 8 Both 13 Lake Champlain — Crescent Bay, Providence Island, Carleton Prize, Stave Island & Mallets Bay.
Peru State Boat Launch Sept 9 Both & seadogs 16 Lake Champlain — Valcour & Crab Islands in strong winds.
Willsboro State Boat Launch Sept 10 Both 10 Lake Champlain — around bay past Willsboro Point.
Point Au Roche State Boat Launch Sept 12 Both 15 Lake Champlain — passed from the main lake through The Gut into the Inland Sea.
Bolton Landing Sept 15 Both 7 Huddle Bay, Dome Island, Crown Island, dry suit testing & rescue practice at beach.
Coxsackie Sept 17 Both 12 Coxsackie & Rattlesnake Islands, lunch at RR Village, calm water.
Athens Sept 19 Both 12 Breezy morning, calm afternoon into Brickyard Bay. Still plenty of avian activity.
Bolton Landing Sept 23 Both 7 Across NW Bay, past islands leading to the narrows, unexpectedly choppy.
Hague Sept 26 Both 12 Examined Anthony's Nose, continued along east shore before crossing over. Lunch at Rogers Rock, return under mildly quartering breezes, wind dying after rounding Friends Point.
Dutchman's Landing Sept 28 Both 13 Inbocht Island, Smith's Landing & Wanton Island. Lunch at Cheviot. Warm, relaxing day.
Whallon Bay Sept 29 Both & Eric 18 Lake Champlain — Converse Bay, across Thompsons Point & several bays to Otter Creek, lunch on Diamond Island. Return along Split Rock Mountain. Light & variable winds, fall color.
Indian Lake State Boat Launch Oct 2 M & seadogs 11 Explored southern end of Indian Lake on glassy water. Stunning fall color.
Coxsackie Oct 3 Both 15 Coxsackie & Rattlesnake Islands, Shady Harbor, lunch at RR Village, windy return.
Schoharie Crossing Oct 5 Both 10 Dull paddle past Route 30A bridge & return. Too much road noise.
Stuyvesant Landing Oct 10 Both 12 Pleasant paddle to Stockport Flats, nice fall color, very low water.
Indian Lake State Boat Launch Oct 12 Both 17 Explored eastern shore's numerous islands. Some fall color & an obliging loon.
Athens Oct 17 Both 11 SMG & Empire Brickyard Bay. Warm day, calm at first, windy after lunch.
Coxsackie Oct 20 Both 8 Six killdeer at Coxsackie Creek, explored several marshes on eastern side, unexpected thick clouds. Strong flood current.
Stuyvesant Landing Oct 25 M 11 Stockport Flats, lunch on SMG. Barge stuck aground outside channel near put-in, Helen Laraway pushing, lost in the morning fog.
Coeymans Landing Oct 27 Both 12 Searching to Bronck Island for a harbor seal, discovery below Houghtaling Island on the way back, not shy.
Stuyvesant Landing Oct 28 Both 18 Houghtaling Island, seal absent, turnaround, lunch on SMG, both parent eagles near the nest. Warm day.
Vandenburgh-Dunsbach Ferry Oct 31 Both 10 Quiet water, very little activity. Peeked into Wager's Pond & approached Lion Park. Lunch at Vischer Ferry.
Coxsackie Nov 4 Both 12 Coxsackie & Rattlesnake Islands, lunch at RR Village, breezy. Eagle, beaver & seal.
Stuyvesant Landing Nov 9 Both 9 Launched at very low tide, prolonged photo op with seal at Coxsackie Island.
Stuyvesant Landing Nov 10 Both 12 Launched an hour before low tide, brief encounter with seal near Coxsackie. Lunch at SMG. Very pleasant day.
Stuyvesant Landing Nov 11 Both 10 Launched into blustery weather, cloudy much of the day, some sunshine. No seal, lunch at Coxsackie.
Stuyvesant Landing Nov 13 Both 10 Calm, gray day, a baby snapping turtle, not much else. Lunch at HRISP. Most of the picnic tables are gone!
Coxsackie Nov 23 Both 7 Mild day, some clouds, surprisingly busy around SMG. Three eagles, one gbh, one kingfisher & one flicker. Paddle #100.
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