Paddle Log — 2015
Henry Hudson April 2 Both 3 Explored Papscanee Creek & Moordener Kill, many mergansers, some wood ducks, one gbh, no eagles. Warm air, cold water, windy.
Athens April 3 Both 15 Calm & warm, water like glass. Intense avian activity all day, including a dozen eagles or so. Refreshment stops at SMG & MGF.
Coxsackie April 6 Both 9 Strong head wind paddling against tidal current to Stockport Creek. Clouds appeared and wind fizzled after turning around.
Coxsackie April 12 Both 18 Warm & pleasant. Upstream to RI, down past four mile point, side trips into Little Nutten Hook, Empire Brickyard Bay & Stockport Creek. Met Allan, Robin & John, also interesting fauna.
Stuyvesant Landing April 13 M 10 Schodack Creek, marshes around eagle nests, windy on return. Stop at RR Village.
Henry Hudson April 15 M 9 Papscanee Creek & Moordener Kill, downstream to 204, up to 214 with breezy interludes. Little activity until mature eagles took to the air on return.
Athens April 16 Both 9 Calm beginning, windy finish. West Flat & Stockport Creek. Very little wildlife activity.
North Germantown Landing April 19 Both 14 Inbocht Island, Roe Jan, Rogers Island, lunch at Dutchmans Landing. Beavers, eagles, ospreys, mergansers & a swan.
Coxsackie April 25 M 10 Breezy visit to Stockport Flats, many ospreys at Stockport Creek.
Stuyvesant Landing April 26 Both 10 Schodack Creek, marshes around eagle nests, race preparation at RR Village. Many immature eagles.
Athens April 29 Both 14 Variable breezes, warmth & sunshine, all over Priming Hook & Stockport Flats. Ospreys, eagles, hawks, grebes, ducks, three kinds of turtles & a large snoozing beaver.
Coxsackie April 30 M 15 Calm & bright. Stop at Bronck Island. Many ospreys, few eagles, tons of turtles on Schodack Creek. Lunch at RR Village, no further activity.
Coxsackie May 2 M 14 Early launch, warm & calm, from Priming Hook to Little Nutten Hook.
Aqueduct Park May 2 J 2 Pedal, paddle & run competition. First in class!
Vandenburgh-Dunsbach Ferry May 3 Both 7 Very low water & little activity, very hot paddle, could not enter Wager's Pond, not worth the bother.
Six Mile Waterworks May 4 J & Karen 3 Quiet afternoon, many animals including a beaver.
Coxsackie May 7 M 7 Late morning launch, too hot & dull, water very low. Early take-out.
Athens May 8 Both 13 Early launch to beat the heat. Serene conditions, many eagles & columbines in Brickyard Bay, a three beaver paddle.
North Germantown Landing May 14 Both 14 Around Rogers Island, lunch at Dutchmans Landing, Inbocht Island. Met Adam, young paddler en route to Beacon.
Four Mile Point May 15 Both 7 Quiet paddle highlighted by eagle-oriole encounter on SMG & cow birds squabbling on Gays Point.
Stuyvesant Landing May 17 Both 10 Explored mouth of Coxsackie Creek, Rattlesnake Island & upstream to Poolsburg. First big eagle day this year.
Stuyvesant Landing May 21 Both 11 Second big eagle day this year — 14 under a persistent cloud cover, four adults. Lowest water level yet in Stockport Flats.
Dunham Reservoir May 22 Both 3 Cool & breezy. A few turtles, not much else except for a plethora of pink lady's slippers.
Athens May 24 Both 14 Early launch & encounter with low-flying wild turkey. Serene conditions turning breezy, chicks in SMG nest.
Four Mile Point May 28 Both 11 Priming Hook against wind & tide, carp frenzy, swans & eagles. Reversed direction to Little Nutten Hook.
Coxsackie May 29 M 12 Early morning launch, water level at nadir in Stockport Flats. Three separate mute swan encounters.
Dutchman's Landing June 3 Both 11 Explored interior of Rogers Island, many snapping turtles, lunch at Cohotate Preserve, very little debris in cove. No osprey nest at 129.
Coxsackie June 4 M 10 Cool, gray morning. Eagles, carp, wild four-o'clocks and a very skillful gbh fishing in Stockport Flats.
Four Mile Point June 5 Both 7 Bright day in Stockport Flats, extraordinary photo ops involving eagles, gbh's, various fish & a crow.
Coxsackie June 7 Both 16 Full day around Stockport Flats, met a red fox and fellow paddlers from downstate, many photo ops.
Four Mile Point June 10 Both 10 Hot day in Stockport Flats, eagles & carp very much in evidence.
Athens June 12 Both 14 RT Coxsackie, soaking wet eagle on SMG, stiff breeze on return.
Coxsackie June 14 M 18 Early launch into mist followed by long, calm, sunny day replete with eagles at every turn.
Mohawk Valley Marine June 14 J & Julie T 3 Paddle around Alplaus after dragonboat training, encounter with an extended goose family on the creek.
Stuyvesant Landing June 17 Both 15 Running with a following wind to Stockport Flats, eagle pair on SMG "singing" together, bobcat above Nutten Hook on return.
Coxsackie June 20 M 16 Early launch into calm water, round trip H-A Light, following wind. Three chicks again on SMG!
Henry Hudson June 22 Both 7 Baby in nest at Papscanee Creek, lunch at 214.
Four Mile Point June 24 Both & Julie T 7 Breezy AM paddle in Stockport Flats, outstanding snapping turtle sunbathing on a log.
Four Mile Point June 25 M 7 Boring paddle rescued by late arrival of mother eagle at SMG nest with a fish to feed chicks.
Coxsackie June 26 Both 14 Quiet paddle to Poolsburg. Lunch at RR Village. Where have all the flowers gone?
Four Mile Point June 29 Both 7 High water from runoff, sunshine alternating with clouds, one big shower. Eagles everywhere.
Coxsackie July 2 Both 13 Many eagles of every description, mostly small gbh's. Lunch at Nutten Hook's new pavilion.
Lock 7 July 3 Both 7 Serene very early paddle replete with photo ops, most notably falcons.
Four Mile Point July 5 Both 6 Foggy early launch, brief paddle around Stockport Creek & SMG, major eagle photo op.
Henry Hudson July 6 Both 6 Quiet padddle highlighted by a mole swimming near Castleton.
Four Mile Point July 10 Both 9 First SMG chick leaves the nest!
Raquette Lake July 12 Both & seadogs 18 Explored inlet, lunch at Raquette Lake hamlet, stop at Tioga Point. Many rose pogonias, swamp roses & odes. Wonderful paddle.
Coxsackie July 13 M 10 Hot, humid, hazy AM paddle through a realm of endless eagle encounters. Lunch at Gays Point.
Coxsackie July 16 Both 9 Breezy day with clear skies, low water. Prolonged lunch at Priming Hook waiting for tide to rise.
Coxsackie July 17 M 10 Pleasant paddle similar to yesterday's, water not so low, highlighted by diving osprey at Priming Hook. Second baby now out of SMG nest.
Indian Lake State Boat Launch July 19 Both & seadogs 11 Lunch & loon with baby on John Mack Bay, followed by picnic island exploration, return head-to-wind.
Athens July 22 Both & Mike R 12 Early launch, immediate encounter with several eagles, many more in the course of a tour of Stockport Flats.
Henry Hudson July 23 M 8 One eagle chick at Papscanee, gbh's at Shad & Schermerhorn Islands.
Athens July 25 M 13 Quiet paddle with David from Hillsdale to Little Nutten Hook & Nutten Hook.
Stuyvesant Landing July 27 M 9 Low water, turnaround at Cornell Park, lunch at Bronck Island. Hot & hazy.
Coxsackie July 31 Both 9 Seventeen distinct eagles on way to lunch at Priming Hook, rbg's numerous & high strung everywhere.
Stuyvesant Landing August 2 Both 13 Eagle aerial encounter on the way to Stockport Flats, pleasant following wind on the way back, with the tide.
Coxsackie August 5 Both 11 Stockport Flats, West Flat & Priming Hook under varying skies, dodging rain clouds on return.
Coxsackie August 6 M 12 Stockport Flats, lunch at MGF. Five young eagles playing on chestnut mats & dead trees.
Four Mile Point August 7 Both 8 Early aerial thrills provided by four young eagles. Lunch on SMG.
Raquette Lake August 9 M & seadogs 12 Ideal conditions all day. Lunch at Tioga Point, explored Hen & Chicken Islands.
Stockbridge Lake August 9 J 6 Twice around the lake — triathlon preparation.
Four Mile Point August 10 Both 6 Late launch, early exit, unexpectedly windy.
Coxsackie August 12 Both 10 Afternoon paddle on pleasantly breezy day to RR village preceding Farmers Market.
Coxsackie August 13 M 12 Seven hours of photo ops in Stockport Flats, interrupted by one cloudy interlude.
Coxsackie August 14 Both 10 Continuation of previous paddle.
Indian Lake State Boat Launch August 16 Both & seadogs 14 Lovely day — toward Jessup River, Picnic Beach & back toward Jessup River.
Coxsackie August 18 Both & Karen 7 Morning paddle into Stockport Flats on a very hot day, spotted a car at Four Mile Point.
Henry Hudson August 20 Both 7 Attempted blustery weather practice, frustrated by delayed wind, lunch at 214.
Athens August 22 M 11 Delightful morning paddle. First egret this year in Stockport Flats, eagle aerials near Fitch's Wharf, met David again on the water.
Athens August 23 M 12 Continuation of previous paddle.
Coxsackie August 26 Both 13 Late morning launch into lively scene at Rattlesnake Island, cedar waxwings prominent. Lunch at RR village, turnaround below Poolsburg.
North Germantown Landing August 27 Both & Mike R 12 Inbocht Island, Roe Jan, Rogers Island, lunch at Dutchman's Landing. Nice day.
Coxsackie August 28 M 11 Morning paddle into Stockport Flats on a cool day, GBH clash at SMG.
Coxsackie August 29 Both 19 Early launch into morning mist, tide ride to Hudson, return west side of MGF. Long day of numerous & varied photo-ops.
West Lake Sept 1 M & seadogs 12 West Lake, Green Lake, Canada Lake & Stewart Landing Dam. Loon photo ops.
Coxsackie Sept 2 M 10 Debut white boat paddle to Priming Hook on a blazing hot & hazy day.
Henry Hudson Sept 4 Both 8 Retro paddle up Papscanee Creek, also Castleton & Vlomankill, radio map turtles on a log.
Coxsackie Sept 5 M 12 Upstream to marshes below Stuyvesant, a very young beaver came to the boat. Met David (again!) and paddled to Stockport Creek with him.
Coxsackie Sept 6 Both 12 Continuation of previous paddle. Turnaround at Poolsburg. RR village very crowded.
Four Mile Point Sept 7 Both 8 Stockport Flats tour on a very hot day.
Coxsackie Sept 9 Both 11 Tested modified kayak seat height. Around SMG on way to Rattlesnake Island. A little chop.
Octavio's Landing Sept 12 Both 5 Lake Champlain — south lake around Crown Point village.
Octavio's Landing Sept 13 Both 10 Lake Champlain — continuation, south lake around Crown Point village.
Indian Bay Marina Sept 14 Both & Eric 10 Lake Champlain — Four Brothers, strong winds on return.
St Albans F & W Sept 15 Both 12 Lake Champlain — inland sea including Burton & Woods Islands, several small islands.
Peru State Boat Launch Sept 16 Both & Eric, seadogs 12 Lake Champlain — circumnavigated Valcour & Crab Islands on active water.
Button Bay Boat Access Sept 17 Both 12 Lake Champlain — Arnold Bay, lunch on Rock Island, Cole Island & Camp Dudley.
Westport State Boat Launch Sept 18 Both & Eric 10 Lake Champlain — Palisades, lunch in Snake Den Harbor, increasing wind on return.
Octavio's Landing Sept 19 J 1 Lake Champlain — reconnoitered Putt's Creek early AM.
Stockbridge Bowl Boat Ramp Sept 20 J 5 Josh Billings RunAground Triathlon.
Coxsackie Sept 20 M 10 Upstream to Bronck Island & Coxsackie Creek. Cool, breezy day.
Athens Sept 21 M 11 Early launch into a chilly morning, eventually turning around at Little Nutten Hook.
Bolton Landing Sept 22 Both 12 Across narrows at Oahu Island, continued to Paradise Bay, lunch at Black Mountain Point, return via Dollar Islands & Montcalm Point spellbound by a serene stillness.
Dutchman's Landing Sept 24 Both 8 Rogers Island's marshes twice, before & after lunch at Cohotate Preserve.
West Lake Sept 25 Both 12 West Lake, Green Lake, Canada Lake & Stewart Landing Dam. Calm water. Loons & flickers.
Coxsackie Sept 26 M 11 SMG & Priming Hook, many photo ops both places.
Coxsackie Sept 27 Both 13 Continuation of previous plus MGF, again many photo ops. Another gorgeous day.
Henry Hudson Sept 28 M 10 Uneventful paddle to Port of Coeymans on a dull gray day.
Thompson's Lake Oct 1 M 4 White boat testing under mildly breezy conditions — very stable.
Stuyvesant Landing Oct 4 M 12 SMG area on an afternoon of quiet solitude. Few signs of activity.
Henry Hudson Oct 5 Both 11 High water. Papscanee & Moordener Creeks, inlet at Van Wie's Point, lunch at 214. Very quick return on ebb.
Indian Lake State Boat Launch Oct 6 Both 16 Many rock cairns, lunch at Picnic Beach, return via John Mack Bay. Lively fall color.
Athens Oct 8 M 12 Another quiet day in Stockport Flats, jittery dark ducks behind Little Nutten Hook, interesting yellow birds in the phragmites.
Four Mile Point Oct 10 M 8 Pleasant fall day — many eagles, turtles & gbh's.
Blue Mountain Lake Oct 11 Both & seadogs 13 Blue Mountain Lake, Eagle Lake & Utowana Lake. Blustery with beautiful color. Paddle #100.
Lock 7 Oct 12 Both 14 Warm, colorful fall day on the Mohawk. Wildlife a little sparse but sandpipers, two dragonflies, one turtle & a gbh were present on the Alplaus.
Coxsackie Oct 15 Both 14 Stockport & West Flats. Chilly morning, comfortable & interesting afternoon including a red fox at Priming Hook.
Coeymans Landing Oct 21 M & Rich's group 16 One way paddle to Athens on a cloudy but otherwise pleasant day. Most wildlife activity at Priming Hook.
Athens Oct 24 M 10 Lively wildlife activity in Stockport Flats, including Brickyard Bay, persistent cloudiness.
Athens Oct 26 Both 9 Crisp & clear, many nautical photo ops. Stop at tip of Gays Point.
North Germantown Landing Oct 27 Both 13 Inbocht Bay, Dutchmans Landing, Roe Jan, many crossings to take advantage of numerous nautical photo ops.
Coxsackie Oct 31 M 11 Quiet visit to Stockport Flats. Many eagles on river side of Gays Point on return.
Tivoli Nov 2 Both & Rich's group 17 Tide ride down west side to Charles Rider, return on east side including both bays. Plenty of waterfowl.
Four Mile Point Nov 4 Both & Rich's group 11 Very warm & clear but no significant wildlife other than a multitude of rbg's & a large flock of geese at SMG.
Henry Hudson Nov 5 Both 7 Mostly quiet except for one eagle, four crows & a small flock of bathing grackles. Lunch at 214, lively return head-to-wind.
Four Mile Point Nov 8 Both & Alan's group 13 Cool, breezy & clear. One eagle at SMG. Long lunch stop at Stuyvesant Landing.
Coxsackie Nov 9 Both 12 Mostly clear blue day, late prismatic effect in cirrhus clouds, like a small rainbow. Five eagles (four adults), several tugs & a schooner. Lunch at RR village.
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