Paddle Log — 2016
Henry Hudson Mar 8 Both 7 Papscanee Creek, Moordener Kill & Staats Point, lunch at 214. Water like glass, mergansers & mallards.
Athens Mar 9 Both 11 Very warm, much wildlife activity in Stockport Flats including many ducks at Stockport Creek. Break at SMG.
Four Mile Point Mar 13 Both 8 Low water, persistent down stream current even against tide, intermittent north wind & a pair of swans who led us on a merry chase around Stockport Flats.
North Germantown Landing Mar 22 Both & Alan 12 Around Inbocht Island, great cormorant on beacon IB, Roe Jan, Rogers Island, stop at Dutchmans Landing. South wind late, lenticular clouds.
Coxsackie Mar 26 Both 12 Lovely day in Stockport Flats teeming with wildlife — eagles, mergansers, buffleheads, wood ducks, mallards & green-winged teals.
Coxsackie Mar 30 Both 7 Paddle to Brickyard Bay & Stockport Flats cut short by high wind & low water.
Coxsackie April 13 Both 10 Sunny day in Stockport Flats, late lunch at Priming Hook. First gbh, many cormorants & a loon. Also eagles in nests.
Coxsackie April 15 Both 12 Sunny day, few subjects, quiet river. Lunch at RR village. A wood duck, a few black ducks, some unknown shore birds, no eagles.
Athens April 16 M 11 Many ducks at Priming Hook, fewer at Stockport Creek & Brickyard Bay.
Athens April 17 Both 12 Continuation of previous paddle. Even more ducks at Priming Hook.
Athens April 18 Both 10 Continuation of previous paddles. Wildlife activity mysteriously sparse.
Round Lake April 21 M & seadogs 6 Early spring setting, mostly tree swallows & rwb's. Some grackles, a few gbh's. Quiet water.
Coxsackie April 24 Both 10 Breezy & sunny, many eagles including the Brickyard Gang. Low water, lunch at Priming Hook, eagle eating a rabbit on Gays Point.
Round Lake April 27 Both 4 Osprey, egret, gbh & vulture. Water anything but quiet.
Henry Hudson April 29 Both 7 Eagle nesting at Papscanee Creek, merganser posing on a log, many sandpipers. Lunch at 214.
Coxsackie April 30 M 14 Sunny day, many eagles, & other subjects, big RI nest in use again. River active AM, quiet PM. Lunch at RR village.
Lock 7 May 5 Both 11 Preparation for triathlon. Cool, gray day. Low water.
Aqueduct Park May 7 J 2 Pedal, paddle & run triathlon. First place!
Stuyvesant Landing May 7 M 12 Stockport Flats, lunch at Priming Hook. No wind, cloudy with sunny interludes, many eagles.
Coxsackie May 10 Both 13 Tranquil Stockport Flats, waited out low water on MGF, many wildlife encounters — swans, yellowlegs, eagles, turtles, wood ducks, ospreys & a black-backed gull.
Stuyvesant Landing May 11 Both 12 Stockport Flats, lunch at SMG, vulture & eagle circling nearby, bank swallows abuzz. Warm, some wind. Many turtles at RI.
Athens May 12 Both 14 Water very low again, impossible to explore marshes & coves, stopped for ice cream in Catskill. Nest with baby gbh on the middle cable tower.
Coxsackie May 18 Both 14 Big gbh day, also many eagles & turtles. Kingfisher photo op near Poolsburg. Lunch on Houghtaling Island.
North Germantown Landing May 20 Both 14 Around Inbocht Island & Rogers Island, also explored Roe Jan. Surprising paucity of wildlife. NE wind died on return.
Stuyvesant Landing May 23 Both 7 Late launch, early take out due to low water & high wind. Many gbh's & several butterflies.
Coxsackie May 26 M 13 Many eagle encounters, including one eating a deer carcass. Also a gbh feasting on eels in Brickyard Bay.
Stuyvesant Landing May 31 Both 11 Schodack Creek marshes, encounters with eagles, turkey vultures & black vultures.
Athens June 1 M 11 Restless dragonflies in the marshes, a very young eagle continued to struggle with tough deer carrion.
Coxsackie June 4 M 12 Hazy day, many photo ops including carp activity at Priming Hook, odes & a float plane takeoff.
Coxsackie June 6 Both 13 Snapping turtles put in an appearance, as did Cleopatra. Lovely day, refreshing west wind counteracted the heat.
Henry Hudson June 10 Both 8 Radio turtle on Papscanee log, moderate NW breeze on way to 214, subsiding on return, brief visit to Vlomankill.
Coxsackie June 14 Both 10 Breezy day converging on Coxsackie Creek with passing cargo ships. Massive water displacement.
Athens June 15 M 13 A calm day replete with eagles & gbh's, especially in Brickyard Bay.
Athens June 16 Both 12 Continuation of previous paddle, again plenty of wildlife.
Thompson's Lake June 17 Both 2 Rescue practice with Alan & Mike C.
Coxsackie June 19 Both 13 Early morning launch to beat the heat. Many paddlers on the river & a pair of coyotes at West Flat.
Coxsackie June 22 Both 7 Short paddle prior to farmers market to see SMG chicks, one possibly in flight. Windy return.
Coxsackie June 23 Both 8 Continuation of previous paddle. SMG chicks very frisky in nest, one spreading its wings, another up on a limb, third possibly aloft.
Lock 7 June 24 Both 14 Early launch to a successful falcon photo op. Other subjects — red-tailed hawk, herons, ducks & various odes.
Four Mile Point June 26 Both 7 Quiet SMG area, some Brickyard Bay activity, Stockport Creek bursting with kingfishers, successful photo op.
West Lake June 30 Both 10 Long day in the marshes with odes to and from Stewart Landing. Also a loon with a chick & a swimming squirrel.
Coxsackie July 2 M 9 Early launch, many eagle encounters, including pair of SMG chicks on a branch, third still in the nest. Sudden strong wind from NW, top of Brickyard Bay blown dry, turned back early. Windsurfing at launch site.
Coxsackie July 3 M 12 Continuation of previous paddle minus windsurfing. Much less wind.
Coxsackie July 4 Both 13 Continuation of previous paddles. Warmer with wind shift to SW late AM.
Snyder's Lake July 5 Both 2 Levels 1 & 2 class participation with Alan & Mike C.
Coxsackie July 6 Both 8 Very hot day highlighted by an eagle taking a bath at SMG & delicious cupcakes at the farmers market.
Coxsackie July 8 Both 10 Oppressive haze & humidity offset by mirth provided by a crow quartet at 157 & dancing eagles on the small island near Stockport Creek.
Athens July 11 Both 12 Water high, windy morning. All three SMG chicks out of the nest.
Athens July 12 Both 11 Continuation of previous paddle. Serene morning launch. Big gbh day.
Coxsackie July 13 Both 8 Strong southeast wind occasioned a lively round trip to Coxsackie Creek.
Coxsackie July 15 Both 8 Quick tour of SMG eagle area early to beat heat & showers.
Raquette Lake July 17 Both & seadogs 13 Loons at inlet and Hen & Chicken Islands, lunch at Tioga Point. Beautiful day.
Coxsackie July 19 Both 10 Strong west wind accompanied by erratic currents eventually settled down. Odes at Coxsackie Creek, snack at Bronck Island.
Coxsackie July 20 Both 11 Early launch to an extraordinary series of photo ops at SMG & Priming Hook.
Henry Hudson July 22 Both 7 Papscanee Creek, Moordener Kill & Vlomankill, vainly searching for wildlife. Exceptions – several gbh's & two painted turtles.
Indian Lake State Boat Launch July 24 M & seadogs 14 Lunch at picnic site followed by improved photo ops under ideal conditions. Many odes including numerous clubtails.
Athens July 27 M 12 Serene morning launch. Hot afternoon. Eagles everywhere, one on the ground at camp site 18.
Long Lake July 30 M & seadogs 18 Splendid paddle down lake to lunch at Rodney Point, turnaround at Plumley Point, final stop at Kelly Point. Items of interest too numerous to list.
Coxsackie August 3 Both 12 Elevated water level from runoff, many photo ops including egrets & eagle aerials.
Stuyvesant Landing August 4 Both 12 Rattlesnake Island loaded with green herons. Eagle aerial encounter near south point. Lunch at SMG. Pleasant following wind on the way back, with the tide.
Henry Hudson August 8 M 7 Early AM test of new gloves & boots on serene water. Turnaround at Van Wies Point after converging on three tugs. Many mature bald eagles.
Athens August 9 Both 13 Early launch into tranquility. Many photo ops again including sandpipers, herons & cormorants.
Coxsackie August 11 Both 13 Water like glass the whole trip, very little traffic, highlight an eagle-vulture encounter near Matthew Point.
Coxsackie August 15 Both 8 Unusual current against the tide, not much wind. A multitude of tiger beetles on SMG.
Dutchman's Landing August 19 Both 11 Explored interior of Rogers Island, ravens on bridge, lunch at Cohotate Preserve. Three ospreys at 129.
Coxsackie August 20 M 12 Many ospreys, even more gbh's, a tug & barge at Athens tank farm, and a sly red fox at 157. Geese did well to swim away.
Coxsackie August 23 Both 13 Cool, misty early AM launch. Many herons, including a green heron & a gbh catching fish near RI.
Coxsackie August 24 Both 14 Another cool, misty early AM launch. Many eagles on Houghtaling Island. Turnaround at Shady Harbor.
Coxsackie August 27 M 9 Early launch against tide in low water, Stockport Creek very hot, break on SMG. Quiet paddle.
123rd Street August 28 Both 7 Lively activity in marshes near C-1, egrets preeminent. Strong south wind on return.
Athens August 30 Both 11 Ospreys everywhere, possibly outnumbering eagles, also a merlin in brickyard bay. Lunch at SMG.
North Germantown Landing Sept 2 Both 12 Brisk wind early & late, whitecaps in the channel most of the day. Two eagles along Roe Jan.
123rd Street Sept 3 Both 8 Strong current from water over the dam, a day of cedar waxwings & turtles.
Raquette Lake Sept 4 Both & seadogs 15 Gentians & lunch at Tioga Point, gentians & odes at Hen & Chicken Islands, a massive loon at Sucker Brook Bay. Ideal conditions.
Forts Ferry Road Sept 6 Both 8 Waited in vain at lock 7 for a viking ship passing through the canal system. Many egrets & gbh's.
Coxsackie Sept 8 Both 10 Lunch at RR village, took out a half hour too soon, missed viking draken ship, caught up later at Dutchmans Landing by car.
Louie's Landing Sept 12 Both 12 Lake Champlain — Missisquoi loop, river, bay, creek. Rich environment, low water. Next time at least 95 feet.
South Slang F & W Sept 13 Both 8 Lake Champlain — splendid marsh & bay paddle on a windy day.
Holcomb Bay — Labombard F & W Sept 15 Both 15 Lake Champlain — Isle La Motte circumnavigation, delightful beyond words.
Peru State Boat Launch Sept 16 Both 10 Lake Champlain — circumnavigated Valcour & toodled about. Stiff SE breeze to start, eventually let up.
Stockbridge Bowl Boat Ramp Sept 18 J 5 Josh Billings RunAground Triathlon.
Coxsackie Sept 20 Both 11 Air still hot & water still low. Eagle on beach near east flat, coyote on mud flat at Priming Hook.
West Lake Sept 22 Both & Mike R 13 West, Canada & Lily Lakes, to and from Stewart Landing. Many meadowhawks in the morning, darners all day long.
Athens Sept 25 Both 13 Clear & breezy, a dunlin at Priming Hook & juvenile surf scoters at west flat. Lunch at HRISP.
Coxsackie Sept 26 Both 9 Launch onto water like glass, rough return from mouth of Coxsackie Creek into a stiff wind, at times almost halting progress.
Coxsackie Sept 28 Both 11 Intermittent east wind, mostly gray skies. Nine egrets assembled at Priming Hook.
Coxsackie Oct 4 Both 11 Calm, gray day, too quiet until leaving Priming Hook after lunch. Two terns on the mud flat and many eagles above Gays Point, river side.
Bolton Landing Oct 5 Both 15 Bright sunshine & very little wind. No fall color but a very quiet lake & a few loons made it memorable.
Coxsackie Oct 7 M 12 Off & on S wind, enough boats to make almost continual wake. Priming Hook for lunch, nothing happening, water very slow to rise. A one woman shell on the way back.
Indian Lake State Boat Launch Oct 11 Both 14 Very quiet day almost void of wildlife activity, fall color unspectacular. Lunch at the picnic site.
Athens Oct 12 Both 9 Stiff breeze following current for a quick passage to Stockport Creek. Stiffer breeze head-to-wind for an arduous return.
Coxsackie Oct 15 M 8 To Stockport Creek against the tide, unexpectedly strong south wind impeded progress. Three cargo ships.
Coxsackie Oct 17 Both 12 Again to Stockport Flats against the tide, this time under benign conditions. Rescued an ode from drowning, flew off after resting on a hatch cover.
Coxsackie Oct 30 Both 10 Again to Stockport Flats against the tide following a bad weather hiatus, a dozen or so wild turkeys at east flat.
Coxsackie Nov 2 Both 12 Delightful warm windless day, met Rich at Priming Hook. Buffleheads, other ducks, two eagles & tranquility.
Coxsackie Nov 5 M 10 Shifting winds, a calm interlude, meet-up with Rich again. He recovered his GPS lost in the marshes three days ago!
Vandenburgh-Dunsbach Ferry Nov 7 Both 10 Lovely paddle filled with surprises — a crow eating a carp on Wagers Island, a mink, egg-laying odes, and teals at Krause's. Lunch at Vischer Ferry.
Freddie's Park Nov 8 Both 10 Crescent Dam, probed many side channels & marshes, lunch at Colonie Town Park. Very mild day, calm water. Ducks, gbh's, gulls & an eagle.
Vandenburgh-Dunsbach Ferry Nov 10 Both 7 Cool, steadily graying day highlighted by pairs of eagles at Krause's & Wager's and little else.
Coxsackie Nov 13 Both 12 Pleasant afternoon paddle. Mergs at Rattlesnake Island, kingfisher up Coxsackie Creek & a few eagles. Easy tide ride back.
North Germantown Landing Nov 14 Both 12 Around Inbocht Island twice following eagles, domestic ducks back on Roe Jan, lunch at Dutchmans Landing. Calm water return.
Coxsackie Nov 18 Both 13 Some wind, bright sunshine, very little river activity. Lunch at Priming Hook. Paddle #100.
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