Paddle Log — 2019
Coxsackie Mar 14 Both 9 Vast numbers of nervous geese, scads of skittish mergansers, two immature eagles. Stop at Bronck Island. Wind picked up a bit.
Coxsackie Mar 24 Both 11 Eagle extravaganza, 20-25 on the day, main concentration at Brickyard Bay. Elsewhere nests at SMG & NH are active.
Coxsackie Mar 27 Both 10 Many buffleheads at SMG & PH. Calm beginning, following wind on return.
Coxsackie April 7 Both 17 Warm, calm, pleasant day. Round trip MGF to observe two eagle nests. Otherwise sparse wildlife, more mergansers than geese, one grebe.
Stuyvesant Landing April 11 Both 14 Double-crested cormorants at RI early, a great-crested cormorant on 166 near RI late under lowering skies. Lunch at PH.
Athens April 17 Both 11 Very high water, intermittent breeze, several osprey encounters, serene conditions late.
Flight Lock Road April 22 Both & Alan 14 Warm & windy, water bouncy at times. Few raptors & waterfowl, many turtles & some muskrats. Lunch at town park.
Stuyvesant Landing April 23 Both 14 Warm & calm, strong ebb flow. Many turtles rising from the mud. Lunch at HRISP.
Athens April 25 Both 12 Quiet day, little activity except for an encounter with a beaver on the shore at Rogers Island.
Stuyvesant Landing May 6 Both 17 Pleasant day on elevated water — a goose taking a bath, an osprey circling with a fish & mergansers repeatedly taking off. Lunch at PH.
Lock 7 May 9 Both 12 Calm at launch, blustery return. Eagle, rt hawks, spotted sandpipers, falcon feasting on a jay & greater yellowlegs.
Aqueduct Park May 11 J 2 Pedal, paddle & run triathlon. Windy one way.
Coxsackie May 16 M 11 Windy early, calming down, water level very high, stop at flooded Bronck Island. Many turtles at Rattlesnake Island, eagle parent with chicks in the nest.
Coxsackie May 18 Both 12 Morning launch against tide to PH, exciting eagle activity at four mile point. Windy interludes while returning, eventually calming down, water level high.
Coxsackie May 22 Both 10 Day of sporadic activity, some eagles & gbh's, also busy bank swallows at SMG. Windy interludes throughout, tapering off by end.
Krumkill Road Bridge May 24 J & Elvira 5 Muddy Normanskill. Take-out at New Scotland Avenue.
Athens May 27 Both 16 Windy morning calming down after lunch at Nutten Hook. Many eagles. Met David at SMG.
North Germantown Landing May 30 Both 9 Inbocht Bay & Roe Jan. Calm, gray day. Relocated eagle nest on Inbocht Island, new eagle nest on west shore & a mural depicting a time traveler on a barn wall.
Stuyvesant Landing May 31 Both 10 Windy start, calm finish, explored Schodack Creek marshes, stop at RR village. Few photo ops.
South Bay State Boat Launch June 7 Both 14 Marsh exploration to The Narrows of Dresden. Much wildlife activity including large beaver & snake. Lunch at Chubbs Dock. Dead calm morning followed by head-to-wind all the way back.
Athens June 9 Both 14 Early launch into a serene setting, not much wildlife activity. Highlight was an extended canada goose family plus one greylag.
Coxsackie June 17 Both 11 Quiet beginning, more activity on return, many gbh's in Brickyard Bay. Both SMG & NH eagle chicks are big.
Athens June 24 Both 13 Early launch into a serene setting, ospreys still building the nest on HA! Later orioles at SMG harassed an eagle drying out from a bath. Some carp mating activity.
Athens June 26 M 11 Another serene paddle on high water, many canoes & kayaks, five eagles at mouth of Stockport Creek. No sign of carp mating activity.
North Germantown Landing June 28 Both 11 Three eagle chicks in Inbocht Island nest, many cormorants nesting on IB. Explored west side marshes, day turned hot, pleasant light breeze from the south.
Lock 7 July 1 Both 12 Warm, quiet day, very little happening, Alplaus particularly somnolent. One falcon both ways, doing nothing, chicks (if any) not to be found.
Coxsackie July 3 Both 12 Late morning launch to HA, steadily increasing activity on return highlighted by both NH chicks sitting on a branch outside the nest.
Stuyvesant Landing July 5 Both 13 Lively, breezy day. RI chicks are out of the nest & flying. Many gbh's & a group of 13 motherless baby wood ducks.
Athens July 8 Both 14 Pleasant day on very high water. Many gbh's & a dead spotted turtle.
Henry Hudson July 9 M 8 Morning paddle to Papscanee to observe chicks at the empty nest. Both are in flight around the Papscanee/Moordener Kill area.
Athens July 13 M 14 Observed chick in osprey nest on HA, NH chicks in flight & a solitary egret. Many gbh's.
Athens July 15 Both 14 Observed second chick in osprey nest on HA & a solitary SMG chick in flight. Many other eagles. Met Alan at SMG on the way back. A windy day.
Athens July 21 Both 13 Very early launch to beat intense heat. All known eagle chicks have left their nests, at least two egrets in the area.
Athens July 24 Both 15 A tug turning around by the tank farm at launch, another tug & fuel barge same place at takeout and Clearwater docked at Coxsackie at lunchtime. Also a Bonaparte's Gull in breeding plumage near MGF.
Coxsackie July 25 M 13 Eagle in tree & swan in bay at launch, eight point buck near Rattlesnake Island. Many other eagles.
Henry Hudson July 26 M 5 Vlomankill, Castleton & Papscanee on a hot, still day almost devoid of activity. Highlight — common whitetails in reeds near tracks.
Coxsackie July 30 Both 11 Morning paddle to Stockport Flats with many photo ops, mostly young eagles. Off early to beat heat.
Coxsackie August 1 Both 11 Repeat of previous, fewer eagles, turkeys on the tracks & a hummingbird. Lunch at PH.
Stuyvesant Landing August 4 Both 13 Midday paddle with many photo-ops including numerous butterflies at SMG.
Athens August 5 Both 12 Early launch into a cool morning. Green herons at SMG & bank swallows gathering en masse at Gays Point.
Athens August 11 Both 14 Lively Sunday distinguished by many great egrets, at least a dozen. Cloudier than expected and wind picked up for a bit.
Coxsackie August 12 M 10 Serene AM paddle, ideal conditions, many egrets & eagles. Highlight – ospreys meancing eagles in two separate incidents. Break at SMG.
Coxsackie August 15 Both 11 Several commercial ships, interesting encounters with a drowsy beaver, a swimming garter snake & an rbg chasing a jumping fish. Break at SMG.
Coxsackie August 20 Both 13 Uneventful paddle on a hot day devoid of photo ops. Lunch at Priming Hook.
Athens August 23 M 12 Calm with persistent cloudiness, otherwise pleasant, egrets suddenly skittish.
Athens August 24 M 10 Early calm giving way to a stiff breeze, many ospreys aloft, egrets sleeping in the cove near PH, eagles hardly present.
Ticonderoga State Boat Launch August 25 Both 16 Mostly clear & calm with abundant wildlife, highlighted by a common gallinule, cedar waxwings & a turkey vulture on a rocky shore, unwilling to part with his meal.
North Germantown Landing August 26 Both 10 Inbocht Bay & Roejan, many egrets at former & flowers at latter. Explored Duck Cove first time, eagles & green herons, will return when mats break up.
Stuyvesant Landing August 31 Both 15 Pleasant morning turning blustery on return head-to-wind. Egrets still prominent, may outnumber gbh's.
Coxsackie Sept 3 M 10 Many egrets & rbg's. Where is everybody else? A mere two eagles, two ospreys & a handful of gbh's.
West Lake Sept 5 Both 13 West Lake, Lily Lake & Stewart's Landing. Loon photo ops early, many odes all day.
Ticonderoga State Boat Launch Sept 8 Both 13 Exploration of East Creek & La Chute highlighted by a water snake in the former & a green heron fishing in the latter.
Stockbridge Bowl Boat Ramp Sept 15 J 5 Josh Billings RunAground Triathlon.
Coxsackie Sept 15 M 12 Many egrets & gbh's, also five mature eagles, no juveniles. Osprey nest at HA is destroyed. Monarchs all day long. A float plane landed & took off late.
Athens Sept 19 M 11 Cool launch into dense fog. Tug anchored at HA, followed by many nautical encounters. Also a few immature eagles & hundreds of tree swallows.
Athens Sept 21 M 13 Warmer launch into thicker fog, persisting past four mile point, then clearing. Two pairs of adult eagles faced off near Fitch's Wharf. A pair of swans at PH.
Athens Sept 22 Both 14 Launch into light fog, quickly clearing. Swans still present at PH and the float plane returned.
Athens Oct 5 M 12 Sunny & cold, many eagles, egrets & gbh's. Also a peregrine falcon & a disabled CG buoy tender under tow.
Athens Oct 8 M 7 Blustery with intermittent clouds, more so than expected, turned back early. A few eagles.
Coxsackie Oct 12 M 11 Several photo ops during a tranquil early fall paddle.
Coxsackie Oct 13 M 12 Repeat of previous. More sun, more photo ops, very lively Brickyard Bay early, more fall color.
Coxsackie Oct 15 M 9 Repeat of previous. Dead calm conditions all day. Possible eagle nest building at Gays Point, also two pairs of mature eagles faced-off in Brickyard Bay.
Coxsackie Oct 19 M 10 Repeat of previous including eagle face-off in Brickyard Bay. Duck hunters in evidence but very few ducks.
Stuyvesant Landing Oct 20 Both 11 Pleasant beginning giving way to deteriorating conditions, rain all the way back from SMG. Many mature eagles, a lame fox near Coxsackie Creek.
Henry Hudson Oct 26 Both 8 No other boats. Eagles rebuilding their nest on Cow Island, almost trapped up Papscanee Creek by fast rising water, gbh all but posed on the Vlomankill.
Coxsackie Oct 30 M 10 Very quiet gray day in Stockport Flats.
Coxsackie Nov 3 Both 10 High water, strong ebb current entire paddle overwhelming the flood. A few eagles & gbh's, lunch at SMG.
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