Paddle Log — 2023
Vandenburgh-Dunsbach Ferry April 8 Both 6 Wagers Pond twice. Three eagles & several muskrats. Painted turtles present on old canal although access to Vischer Ferry is still blocked by fallen trees. Pleasant paddle.
Coxsackie April 10 Both 11 Encounters with a trumpeter swan early & late. Confirmation of a new eagle nest at HRISP near the gazebo. Lunch at Priming Hook.
Ticonderoga State Boat Launch April 13 Both 11 Exploration of flooded East Creek marshes (98.2 feet) on a very hot day. Also encountered La Chute's strong current. Some diffident wildlife, few photo ops.
North Germantown Landing April 15 Both 9 Inbocht Bay crammed with eagles, perhaps a dozen. One snapping turtle languished near the surface & a huge map turtle soaked up the sun at Roe Jan.
Vandenburgh-Dunsbach Ferry May 6 Both 7 Erie Canal now accessible both ways but Wagers Pond is blocked. Quiet day, not much wildlife, mostly turtles and a blue-winged teal.
Coxsackie May 7 Both 11 Swan near LNH. Many eagle photo ops. Lunch at Priming Hook, surprised by northern rough-winged swallows, no swallows at SMG.
Athens May 13 Both 11 Early launch to beat the wind, didn't work, started blowing within the hour, worked our way around to West Flat. Bank swallows now at SMG.
Athens May 27 Both 12 Perfectly clear & still at launch just past dawn. Many photo ops. Snack at SMG.
Lock 7 June 4 Both 8 Launch into intermittent north wind. Falcons absent despite guano at the scrape. Snack at the grotto.
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