Paddle Log — 2023
Vandenburgh-Dunsbach Ferry April 8 Both 6 Wagers Pond twice. Three eagles & several muskrats. Painted turtles present on old canal although access to Vischer Ferry is still blocked by fallen trees. Pleasant paddle.
Coxsackie April 10 Both 11 Encounters with a trumpeter swan early & late. Confirmation of a new eagle nest at HRISP near the gazebo. Lunch at Priming Hook.
Ticonderoga State Boat Launch April 13 Both 11 Exploration of flooded East Creek marshes (98.2 feet) on a very hot day. Also encountered La Chute's strong current. Some diffident wildlife, few photo ops.
North Germantown Landing April 15 Both 9 Inbocht Bay crammed with eagles, perhaps a dozen. One snapping turtle languished near the surface & a huge map turtle soaked up the sun at Roe Jan.
Vandenburgh-Dunsbach Ferry May 6 Both 7 Erie Canal now accessible both ways but Wagers Pond is blocked. Quiet day, not much wildlife, mostly turtles and a blue-winged teal.
Coxsackie May 7 Both 11 Swan near LNH. Many eagle photo ops. Lunch at Priming Hook, surprised by northern rough-winged swallows, no swallows at SMG.
Athens May 13 Both 11 Early launch to beat the wind, didn't work, started blowing within the hour, worked our way around to West Flat. Bank swallows now at SMG.
Athens May 27 Both 12 Perfectly clear & still at launch just past dawn. Many photo ops. Snack at SMG.
Lock 7 June 4 Both 8 Launch into intermittent north wind. Falcons absent despite guano at the scrape. Snack at the grotto.
Athens June 10 Both 13 Fog early, warm late, plenty of eagles, some gbh's & carp activity. Lunch at HRISP where the new nest has two large chicks.
Stuyvesant Landing June 11 Both 9 Quiet water. Kingfishers early followed by an osprey nest at 171, also an eagle chick at Houghtaling Point. Lunch at RR village.
Stuyvesant Landing June 18 Both 13 Some clouds & wind, surprisingly sparse traffic. Enountered several gbh's & the trumpeter swan at Brickyard Bay. Lunch at SMG.
Coxsackie June 30 Both 11 Thick fog giving way to haze, calm entire paddle. Four ospreys at HA, cormorant ate an eel & brunch at SMG.
Athens July 8 Both 13 Early launch into a gray morning, strong current. Some eagles & ospreys, also gbh's hanging out on branches waiting for the high water to subside. Brunch at SMG.
White Pine Camp Road July 11 J 10 Upper Osgood.
Dutchman's Landing July 11 M 15 Splendid tide ride on elevated water. Hallenback Creek flooded the adjacent marshes. Many ospreys, only two eagles, both babies, one near the nest south of Athens. Lunch at Priming Hook.
Stuyvesant Landing July 20 Both 13 Eagles at last, maybe a dozen, also entertaining rbg's & a friendly beaver at Coxsackie Island. Lunch at SMG.
South Bay State Boat Launch July 23 Both 12 Marsh exploration on seasonally elevated water (98.5'). Baby ospreys at 28 & 30. Lunch at Chubbs Dock, followed by an encounter with a small flock of agitated caspian terns, and otters swam across the lake.
Coxsackie July 30 Both 12 Early launch on a cool morning. Several ospreys constantly circling, seldom diving, and a few eagles. Breakfast at Priming Hook, surprised by a great egret.
Stuyvesant Landing July 31 Both 12 Somnolent day on the river, few subjects, scarce activity. Lunch at Gays Point.
Coxsackie August 14 Both 11 Lively morning replete with activity – eagles, ospreys, gbh's, egrets, snapping turtles, yellowlegs, a duck & a cooper's hawk. Brunch at Priming Hook.
Coxsackie August 19 Both 11 Gray day, otherwise pleasantly cool, again replete with eagles. West wind on return. Lunch at Priming Hook.
Coxsackie August 20 Both 10 Repeat of preceding, forecast of following wind dudded out. Lunch at east flat.
Athens August 23 Both 14 Idyllic launch into a golden dawn, serene conditions all day. Many photo ops. Brunch at HRISP.
Athens August 27 Both & Barry 12 Morning chop head-to-wind, settled down afternoon. A few photo ops. Lunch at HRISP.
Ticonderoga State Boat Launch Sept 1 Both 17 Exploration of East Creek almost to the source on unseasonally high water (98 feet). A northern harrier, skittish ducks & loud (unseen) gallinules. Lunch at Gar Point then cross over to La Chute, highlighted by a stinkpot on a fallen tree & caspian terns on a log.
Round Lake Sept 3 Both 6 Anthony Kill & Little Round Lake. Green herons, gbh's, eagles & ospreys, also rich beds of smart weed.
Stuyvesant Landing Sept 17 Both 13 Pleasant day with many photo ops. Lunch at SMG.
Coxsackie Sept 21 Both 11 Late morning launch, many eagles aloft enjoying the breeze. Also a gull feeding frenzy at the thinning chestnut mats, unknown prey. Lunch at Priming Hook.
Athens Sept 27 Both 12 Pleasant afternoon, highlighted by a pair of photogenic egrets in Brickyard Bay. Lunch at HRISP.
Coxsackie Oct 1 Both 11 Breezy day with a fast rising tide. Many gbh's & egrets are still in the area. Lunch at SMG.
Coxsackie Oct 5 Both 9 Choppy launch and crossing into Brickyard Bay where eagles attempted to steal prey from gbh's, egrets & an osprey. Lunch at SMG.
Athens Oct 9 Both 12 Light breeze at launch, stronger on return head to wind, detour through west flat. Peregrine falcon at Brickyard Bay. Lunch at SMG.
Stuyvesant Landing Oct 17 Both 12 Gray day, few photo ops, very little river traffic. Lunch at SMG.
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